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The profile of East Yangon University                                                                                                                     

East Yangon University is located near Phayar Gone village in Thanlyin township, Yangon division region, with the area of 151.60 acres. It was established as a Thanlyin college in  1999 and upgraded to East Yangon University in 2000. The rector of EYU is Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Khaung and the Pro-rector is Dr.Nilar Aung.

Since the time of establishment, those who had taken responsibilities were U Aung Than as a headmaster of Thanlyin college, U Kyi Win as a Pro-rector, U Kyi Win as a Rector, Dr. U Win as a Pro-rector as well as Rector, U Tin Maung Nyunt as an acting Rector, U Kyaw Ye Tun as a Rector, Dr. Marlar Aung as Pro-rector and Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Khaung as a Pro-rector as well as Rector.

EYU is one of the biggest universities in Yangon Region with the strength of 530 teaching staff and 290 supporting staff, 11000 students from twenty townships in Yangon division region were attending at EYU in 2015-16 academic year.

There are all together nineteen subject departments in EYU. The specialization subjects are 1.Myanmar, 2.English, 3.Geography, 4.History, 5.Philosophy, 6.Psychology, 7.Law, 8.Oriental Studies, 9.International Relations, 10.Library and Information Studies, 11.Anthropology, 12.Economics, 13.Chemistry, 14.Physics, 15.Mathematics, 16.Zoology, 17.Botany, 18.Geology, and 19.Industrial Chemistry. B.sc(Science), B.A(Arts),M.A ,M.Sc and M. Res degrees are annually offered.

For the convenience of studying in EYU, hostels are constructed for the students who are far away from university. The students who like to stay in hostel have to apply for it at the department of student affairs. The students of EYU can take part in any extra- curriculum activities such as a Fine Arts association, Red- Cross association, Scout Team, UTC, the team of Hiking and mountaineering, Buddhist association and Sports as their own wish. It is great opportunity for students, who are keenly interested in writing articles, short stories and poems, to be able to send their literary works to EYU annual magazines.

Head (Department of Training) – 056 21865

UDE (EYU Branch)

The academic subjects, which the UDE students (EYU branch) can specialize, are 1.Myanmar, 2.English, 3.Geography, 4.History, 5.Philosophy, 6.Psychology, 7.Law, 8.Oriental Studies, 9.Chemistry, 10.Physics, 11.Mathematics, 12.Zoology, 13.Botany, 14.Economics and 16.Economic Management.

In accord with the instructions given from the UDE department, all UDE students who specialize Arts subjects have to answer the assignments regularly and those who specialize Science subjects have to do practical works at their respective departments on weekends. Moreover, the UDE students must attend the intensive courses for ten days near the examination. There were 19000 UDE students in EYU in 2016 academic year.

Operator - 056 21862 

 Fax - 056 21870

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